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The Délegyházi Lakes are the biggest groups of lakes in Pest County just 27 km from Budapest. The eight major lakes, with an area of 300 hectares, are ideal for bathing, rod-fishing, water sports and relaxing. There are lakes for water skiers, windsurfers and anglers. There is also a water park in the area. Some of the lakes have free beaches.

The lakes are abundant in different species of fish such as carp, catfish, bream, tench, pike-perch and starlet.

One curiosity is the 400-year-old wild pear-tree which you can find at one end of Délegyháza. This tree can also be seen in the coat-of-arms of Délegyháza.

There are two churches in the main square (Szabadság tér) of Délegyháza. This is quite remarkable since the village has only 2,000 inhabitants. After 1989, which marks the end of the communist era, first the Calvinists and then the Catholics had their churches built. The Catholic Church was designed by György Major, a well-known architect.

About a few hundred metres from the camping-site, you can find PA-SA hamlet, where you can ride a horse or just admire the wonderful animals. You can also buy fresh milk here.
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